Trucks in Britain collectively carry 68% of all UK freight, and with a growing population and increasing demand for round-the-clock availability of goods and services, that volume will only continue to grow.

Our challenge is to ensure trucks can deliver goods as safely as possible in towns and cities, while streets continue to get busier with pedestrians, cyclists, cars and vans.

The Future Truck Design Awards is your chance to help influence how that happens.

Of course, vast improvements have been made in the design and technology of trucks over the years, but this is your opportunity to present your ideas – potentially radical and gamechanging ideas – that could be incorporated into the trucks of the future.

We are looking:

  • To accelerate the development of safer urban trucks
  • For ideas that can help inform future vehicle design
  • To introduce new talent to Europe’s leading truck manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz

Video blogs

Your entry towards excellence

The first designs are now starting to come in, so we asked lecturers and teachers why they’re encouraging students to take another look at truck design. Alan Barrett, lecturer in automotive and transport design at Coventry University, has found the competition a great opportunity to inspire the next generation of designers. With a chance to win a work experience placement at Mercedes-Benz or present ideas your ideas to Volvo Trucks design guru Rikard Orell in Sweden, the Future Truck Design Awards could be your ticket to a fantastic career in truck design – all while saving the environment and protecting people. Make sure you or your class has their entry in by 11 March for their chance to win what could be the start of a stunning career.

Turning around great designs

With entries flooding in, we thought it’d be interesting to share some of the concepts being developed by eager entrants While there’s been a lot of discussion about visibility from the cab, one entrant has gone beyond considering just the actions of the driver and looked at the issues that can be created by how a truck actually moves. Here, he explains how a new steering concept could be used to alter the movement of a truck and provide additional protection for cyclists on the road. Inspired by new ways of thinking? Make sure your entry’s in by 11 March and you could be in with a chance of some fantastic prizes.

From the screen to the streets

Truck design isn’t something that just stays on a screen. Innovative designs could completely change the vehicles we see on our streets, and make a real difference to the quality of our environment and the safety of our roads. One entrant has been inspired to enter because it’s a great opportunity to see how the skills he’s learned in the classroom and lecture hall can be applied to the real world – it’s not just a chance to create something that looks good on paper. The Future Truck Design Awards is YOUR opportunity to show some of the biggest names in transport and truck manufacturing how you’ve got the talent to make your mark on the world. Don’t miss out – make sure you’ve entered by 11 March.



Event launch

September 5

Entries open

November 7

Closing Date

December 15

Shortlist announced

February 15

Winners announced

March 24

The future of truck
design is in your hands